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blogEntryTopperJust as I predicted in my last blog, is now in Google's Top 10 search results for "Atlanta Copywriter." 

I'm not complaining about the ranking, but let me explain how this occurred so you’ll have a better understanding of what’s involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Successful SEO is based on several “strategies” and “variables,” but probably the most important goofproof strategy is creating web links. The more your site is linked across the web, the higher your site will rank.

The only thing is, it doesn’t seem to really matter where those links occur--as long as they occur.

For example, my last blog contained about 50 links, and nearly all of them linked back to another page on either or a site directly linked and/or associated with (my YouTube Channel, my BlogSpot page, and I think my Google+ page).

I also intentionally put in links to everything I could to anything on my Print ads, links to my Radio reel, and links to my TV commercials.

You'll notice I'm still creating links back to in this blog post too--because anytime I link anything back to anything on, the search engines find the links and add them to the tally of existing links to, and it boosts my search rankings.

Websites have blogs because blogs create an opportunity to create links which creates higher rankings. But is this technique really copywriting? Maybe so, as words are placed to draw traffic, which I guess is technically advertising since it’s creating "content" that advertises. (links).

SEO is not really rocket science, and in my opinion, it’s also not really copywriting either.

Unlike actual consumers, search engines don’t have brains. Search engines don’t read the content; they just read the links, and then they create rankings based on something that doesn’t actually touch the heart or the mind of the end consumer.

The truth is you can’t push buttons loaded with algorithms and expect consumers to actually respond with consumption of your product. Consumers are human beings, not statistical entities. They’re just not pre-loaded with appropriate formulary responses.

Instead, consumers are people filled with flesh and bones, passions and desires. Each one has a heart and a mind that responds best when motivated by genuine love for family, friends, and their fellow man. The best copywriters know how to tap into who people really are.

If you’re looking to really grow your business, if you want to actually grow your brand, work with an actual copywriter who knows how to find the emotional hot buttons of your customers and push them with the attributes of your product.

Call me. Text. Or email me. Let’s talk. Like people.

Like real human beings.

And if you really need it, I can also do SEO.


Two well-placed words help customers decide to buy.

Check this out, from the dressing room at Marshall’s.

This is so brilliant. And simple.

Picture yourself looking in the mirror at those new duds, wondering if you should get them. What you need is somebody to say, “Wow. That looks great. That was made for you. You should get that one too.”

Marshall’s starts that conversation by planting a seed of thought, just by adding a couple of words to the coat hooks in their dressing rooms.



It's more proof
the most effective and engaging way to market your product and your brand doesn't have to be expensive or glamorous. You don’t have to buy TV time during the Super Bowl.

You just have to think like your customer. What's their process for making a decision to buy?

Once you understand that process, be creative, be smart, and zero in with a heavy dose of Influence.

Click here if you need help creating The Influence.
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