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Google Now Ranks In The Top 5 Search Results For "Atlanta Copywriter."

blogEntryTopperThe hits just keep on coming. is now ranked #3.

Why does
the Google search rank for keep climbing?

Is it just
all the links I keep adding back to pages on I think so. The rank keeps climbing, and it looks like links are always going to be the most critical factor.

SEO in Atlanta all depends on links, then I'll keep looking for ways to keep linking back to pages on These will include links to my Print work, my TV spots, my Radio commercials, Editorial work, and AdBlog posts. I've even linked back into my Case Studies section.

One more thing.
The AdBlog simultaneously appears on Google's free blog service ( as, and this also helps the SEO rankings of

I've now demonstrated the ability to optimize a web page that winds up in Google's top 5 results, a maximum, optimum result. I might as well go ahead and claim expertise in Atlanta Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Since achieved a top ranking in the Atlanta market, this blog post is tagged with Atlanta SEO metadata. Now will show up in searches for "Atlanta SEO" too.

Who knows where this is going.

I apologize for taking so long to make a follow-up post, but, as you can imagine,
my higher ranking has led to a lot of phone calls from prospective clients. I'm picking up some great freelance work lately, and I just haven't had time to make another post about the continuous climb up the Google rankings for on searches for "Atlanta copywriter."

Google high rankings for aren't just limited to Google results for "Atlanta copywriter." also appears in the Top 10 search results for Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. In my next blog post I'll discuss how is climbing into the Top 10 search results for "Atlanta copywriter" in those search engines too.

In the meantime, I'm never too busy
to take another call, another email, or another text to help someone make the most of their product and their brand. Let me help you maximize your advertising and marketing efforts. or 404-725-4520.

You can't write without DF. ®
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