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Show What You Can Do And You'll Always Stay In Demand.

Who doesn't love product demonstrations, especially when they're unconditional?

I happened across this waterproof flashlight demo at a Home Depot the other day, set up in their section of 40-something "Christmas Specials."

I took some quick pictures with my iPhone for this blog only to realize later they weren't that good. 

I wanted to get a better shot but couldn't get back for a couple of days. By then they were already sold out, and the display was gone. 

Amazing. None of the other specials were anywhere close to selling out, especially the other flashlights--even though most were less than $5.

When your product lives up to its promise there's always a market for it. 

Even in a recession. No matter what the price.

If you've got that kind of product, let me help you tell the world about it.

Two well-placed words help customers decide to buy.

Check this out, from the dressing room at Marshall’s.

This is so brilliant. And simple.

Picture yourself looking in the mirror at those new duds, wondering if you should get them. What you need is somebody to say, “Wow. That looks great. That was made for you. You should get that one too.”

Marshall’s starts that conversation by planting a seed of thought, just by adding a couple of words to the coat hooks in their dressing rooms.



It's more proof
the most effective and engaging way to market your product and your brand doesn't have to be expensive or glamorous. You don’t have to buy TV time during the Super Bowl.

You just have to think like your customer. What's their process for making a decision to buy?

Once you understand that process, be creative, be smart, and zero in with a heavy dose of Influence.

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