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I don't think SEO is really as complicated as many SEO "copywriters" (practitioners) would have you believe.

The best SEO results ultimately depend on adding as many links to your web site as possible, which is one reason I've added the category "SEO" to examples of My Work.

It gives me another opportunity to create links.

For example, notice all the links I've added here. Again, that's to build my Search Engine Optimization.

I've even added my SEO experience to my Case Studies section as well--for the same reason: it's another opportunity to add links.

You can read the whole story of how I managed to reach Google's Top 10 search results for "Atlanta copywriter" beginning here at my March 13, 2014 Adblog.

The follow-up AdBlog on March 25, 2014 seems to have cemented my Top 10 position.