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Now Google Really Does Rank As The #1 Atlanta Copywriter In A Google Search For "Atlanta Copywriter."

About a week after my last blog post (Are You Forcing Customers Into Dishonesty?), the ranking for after a Google search for "Atlanta copywriter" went from about #5 to #1. stayed at #1 for a couple of weeks or so, and I meant to write another blog about it, but I couldn't find the time.

I've been
too busy.

But how
did this occur? I think 4 out of 5 of my last blog posts have been observations of how SEO copywriting works in the Atlanta market for Atlanta copywriters.

I've figured out, the key to building rankings is links. While my last blog post was about honesty, I found ways to still link certain phrases back to specific pages within the domain That blog post had around 50 links.

The next thing I knew
I was ranked #1. I couldn't believe it. I texted some friends and family in different markets around the country, asking them to google "Atlanta copywriter." was indeed ranked #1.

the phone rang. And rang. And rang.

emails came in. Over and over.
And over.

By the time I'd come up
for air my rank dropped down to #2 and then #3.

something else happened. I re-discovered LinkedIn. I've been a registered LinkedIn user for awhile, but I've never really used it. What an amazing tool. You never know who you know--who in turn knows someone else you know--or want to know.

And then there's the name:
Again, it's more links--that key factor in SEO. I was curious how that would work if I LinkedIn with more people. I'm now in the 500+ connections category.
Something worked. All of a sudden is back to the Number 1 ranking for "Atlanta copywriter."

the success of achieving a #1 ranking, and gathering more freelance work, I'm also more convinced than ever that SEO copywriting isn't really Copywriting. SEO is all technique and no concept.

When you
hire a copywriter to produce an advertising/marketing campaign, you're hiring them to spend time thinking about your product, to think about your brand beyond the way you think about it. You're paying them for the time it takes to find a different perspective, to find the emotional connection between your brand and the consumer of your brand.

That's why
the first thing a good copywriter does is identify the marketing problem.
What problem does the consumer have? What needs to be fixed? How does your product or service "answer" the consumer's problem?

Who's your audience, your real audience?
Who's really interested in buying your solution to their problem, and how can you best reach them?

What's your
Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your angle that can best communicate your answer?
SEO copywriting doesn't really do any of that. Instead, SEO folks start from the end and work back to the beginning. Their end, their "product" is delivering visits to your site via a web search. How? By statistical analysis, by first researching and finding key search words and terms (keywords) that will best link to your page--then creating links--just like I've created links in my blog posts back to pages in

those keywords are found by finding out the keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic to their sites. This means SEO work is not really any original messaging but literally copying what the other guys are doing.

When I was in school
this was called cheating, and it's why I don't even like to describe myself as a copy writer because I don't copy anything.

how keywords work.

Right on this blog there are keywords that create metadata terms that search engines look for, find, and then index the page according to the keyword metadata. Look at all the keywords right under the title,
"Now Google Really Does Rank As The #1 Atlanta Copywriter In A Google Search For "Atlanta Copywriter."

Here you'll find the metadata keywords, all underlined because they're also--links:
"Atlanta freelance writer." "Copywriter." "Freelance." "Atlanta copywriter." "Atlanta seo." "Atlanta freelance copywriter." This is all pretty expected stuff. There's no idea here, no concept, and if I can do it, anybody can do it. It's not like I've written a book on SEO. I'm not claiming to be an expert on SEO.

(Well, maybe I am. Yeah, I guess I am.
I am #1, and that's got to be worth something, and I've written a Case Study about how I got in the top of Google's rankings.)

But the point is,
real copywriting, real writing for marketing and advertising, that type of writing is designed to reach into your prospect's heart and mind, touch them, move them, persuade them. The best has an emotional tug--which can't be produced through cold, calculated analysis of five or six keywords--that are most likely copied from your competitor.

the most persuasive marketing communications always begins with an emotional link to the heart of your prospect. That's the way I work. That's the way I write. That's the reason I got into this business. I like helping people. I like looking for a creative way to solve problems. No matter how difficult.

In fact,
the more difficult, the better I like the assignment. It gives me something to think about.
Let me help you. And your brand. With a real difference. Call me. 404-725-4520. Or email me.

Just don't worry
if I don't answer right away. I'll get back to you quickly. If I can't answer right away, it's because I'm already helping somebody else.

what I do best.

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Are You Forcing Your Customers Into Dishonesty?

I started to use my debit card as a credit card at a RaceTrac gas station and convenience store the other day but couldn't unless I lied first, and I'm an honest person.

Everybody knows how
debit cards work. You have to enter a 4-digit PIN number. PIN is the acronym for "Personal Identification Number."

But these days there's
a lot of identity theft, often obtained from debit cards and PIN numbers. Identity theft can be more avoided than not if you use your debit card as a credit card because credit cards don't require PIN numbers.

Still, whether you choose to use your debit card as a debit card or as a credit card, it's still a debit card.

RaceTrac didn't ask how I wanted to use the card, just whether it was a debit card.

I could have lied and punched the "No" button and gone ahead and used the debit card as a credit card. But that wouldn't be honest because any debit card used as a credit card would still, in fact, be a debit card.

Of course, the advantage of using the card as a credit card is I don't have to expose my PIN number to any dishonest people who might be watching or tracking or something.

How ironic. I had to be dishonest to protect myself from dishonesty. Before I could buy RaceTrac's core product my way, I'd have to lie. What an inconvenience at a convenience store.

I decided to stay honest and just went across the street to a QuikTrip convenience store instead.

Then I went back to RaceTrac and took a couple of snapshots, thinking it would
be good AdBlog material.

Honesty and only honesty is the foundation of trust. Without honesty, there is no trust, and trust is essential to the success of any and all relationships, even at self-service gas stations and inconvenient convenience stores.

And between you, your brand, and your customer.

Is there something in the way you do business or something in your brand that prevents people from fully trusting you or your brand? 

For example, a couple of years ago Italian automaker Fiat re-introduced their car brand back into the American market. Historically Fiats are
incredibly undependable, unreliable, and highly prone to constant breakdowns. The Fiat brand reputation is so bad that the name FIAT became an acronym for "Fix It Again Tony."

brand reputation for unreliability was never even mentioned in the re-introduction. Fiat's consequent success has been limited. Coincidence? Probably not.

Do you need help communicating the truth of who you are, how you do business, and the real truth about your products?

Let me help you to honestly connect your brand with your customers. Call me at 404-725-4520. Or email at

I'll be glad to help.



Google Now Ranks In The Top 5 Search Results For "Atlanta Copywriter."

blogEntryTopperThe hits just keep on coming. is now ranked #3.

Why does
the Google search rank for keep climbing?

Is it just
all the links I keep adding back to pages on I think so. The rank keeps climbing, and it looks like links are always going to be the most critical factor.

SEO in Atlanta all depends on links, then I'll keep looking for ways to keep linking back to pages on These will include links to my Print work, my TV spots, my Radio commercials, Editorial work, and AdBlog posts. I've even linked back into my Case Studies section.

One more thing.
The AdBlog simultaneously appears on Google's free blog service ( as, and this also helps the SEO rankings of

I've now demonstrated the ability to optimize a web page that winds up in Google's top 5 results, a maximum, optimum result. I might as well go ahead and claim expertise in Atlanta Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Since achieved a top ranking in the Atlanta market, this blog post is tagged with Atlanta SEO metadata. Now will show up in searches for "Atlanta SEO" too.

Who knows where this is going.

I apologize for taking so long to make a follow-up post, but, as you can imagine,
my higher ranking has led to a lot of phone calls from prospective clients. I'm picking up some great freelance work lately, and I just haven't had time to make another post about the continuous climb up the Google rankings for on searches for "Atlanta copywriter."

Google high rankings for aren't just limited to Google results for "Atlanta copywriter." also appears in the Top 10 search results for Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. In my next blog post I'll discuss how is climbing into the Top 10 search results for "Atlanta copywriter" in those search engines too.

In the meantime, I'm never too busy
to take another call, another email, or another text to help someone make the most of their product and their brand. Let me help you maximize your advertising and marketing efforts. or 404-725-4520.

You can't write without DF. ®
Comments Now Ranks In Google's Top 10 Search Results for "Atlanta Copywriter."

blogEntryTopperJust as I predicted in my last blog, is now in Google's Top 10 search results for "Atlanta Copywriter." 

I'm not complaining about the ranking, but let me explain how this occurred so you’ll have a better understanding of what’s involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Successful SEO is based on several “strategies” and “variables,” but probably the most important goofproof strategy is creating web links. The more your site is linked across the web, the higher your site will rank.

The only thing is, it doesn’t seem to really matter where those links occur--as long as they occur.

For example, my last blog contained about 50 links, and nearly all of them linked back to another page on either or a site directly linked and/or associated with (my YouTube Channel, my BlogSpot page, and I think my Google+ page).

I also intentionally put in links to everything I could to anything on my Print ads, links to my Radio reel, and links to my TV commercials.

You'll notice I'm still creating links back to in this blog post too--because anytime I link anything back to anything on, the search engines find the links and add them to the tally of existing links to, and it boosts my search rankings.

Websites have blogs because blogs create an opportunity to create links which creates higher rankings. But is this technique really copywriting? Maybe so, as words are placed to draw traffic, which I guess is technically advertising since it’s creating "content" that advertises. (links).

SEO is not really rocket science, and in my opinion, it’s also not really copywriting either.

Unlike actual consumers, search engines don’t have brains. Search engines don’t read the content; they just read the links, and then they create rankings based on something that doesn’t actually touch the heart or the mind of the end consumer.

The truth is you can’t push buttons loaded with algorithms and expect consumers to actually respond with consumption of your product. Consumers are human beings, not statistical entities. They’re just not pre-loaded with appropriate formulary responses.

Instead, consumers are people filled with flesh and bones, passions and desires. Each one has a heart and a mind that responds best when motivated by genuine love for family, friends, and their fellow man. The best copywriters know how to tap into who people really are.

If you’re looking to really grow your business, if you want to actually grow your brand, work with an actual copywriter who knows how to find the emotional hot buttons of your customers and push them with the attributes of your product.

Call me. Text. Or email me. Let’s talk. Like people.

Like real human beings.

And if you really need it, I can also do SEO.

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